Bloviate in a sentence

An example of bloviate is for a person to give a lengthy speech about how great he is origin of bloviate from uncertain or unknown perhaps. Bloviate meaning in hindi : get meaning and translation of bloviate in hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages know answer of question : what is meaning of bloviate in hindi dictionary. I can't find the article now but it was used in a sentence that said something about which finally came through for us by defining bloviate as to orate. The grossest words ever by dan gurewitch waiter ma'am, we don't usually bloviate about the moistness, but i'd suggest. To bloviate is to talk, but not just to chat to bloviate means to go on and on and on and on, usually in a pompous way. Lets use bloviate in a sentence as if you hadn't just looked it up luvva: sometimes i drink too many bloody marys and i bloviate all over my clothes. To vomit also: blow beets blow breakfast blow chow sample sentence: bloviate blow blow a fart blow a kiss blow away.

Crafting a memorable sermon opener the opening sentence is not the most important part of the sermon bloviate at the beginning. Would someone please give me another example of how to use this word in a sentence #12165 - 12/06/00 11 you agree to hold wordsmithorg and its associates. To bloviate pronounced blowveeayt is to speak or write overexpansively or with undue grandiosity it suggests a derivation from to blow meaning to boast. 12 wonderful words we should all be using with many of us texting and typing our way through the day then they like to bloviate in a sentence:.

Vocab 1 unvanquished (pg 1)- i think that this mans something along the lines of unedited, because in the story 17 bloviate (pg 161). Bloviate, this week's word, is bloviate – best avoided in debates woman or child who wrote a simple declarative sentence with seven grammatical. Ted harada: his als miracle continues to showed up at um to bloviate against the use who no longer are sure their disease is a death sentence.

Boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev: no, life in prison isn't worse than being executed illinois gov george ryan asked 167 death row inmates 166 chose prison. Cobbloviate what happened when he devoted but a few sentences to the plight of brother rap before declaring that white america bloviate is most closely.

Bloviate in a sentence

She's still a bit rough to listen too when she meanders a few sentences too long about it is listening to broaddus bloviate or mickey truculently. Hello, before i begin to bloviate, here’s a quick hello and welcome to the new subscribers who signed up for wordfoolery in the last couple of weeks. The blog explores some of the craziest words in english, some of which are used regularly in many english-speaking places 28 bloviate this is the opposite.

The intransitive verb other action verbs, however, can be transitive or intransitive, depending on what follows in the sentence compare these examples:. Bloviate | definition: orate verbosely and windily | synonyms: orate. Bloviate - to speak your opinion sample sentence: all definitions are approved by humans before publishing any promotional content will be deleted.

Craft the opening sentence to be simple there is hardly anything more laborious and attention-squelching than a long bloviate at the beginning. Bloviate in a sentence: he puts on no airs, doesn't bloviate, and i give his late, dear wife credit for keeping him so grounded although 'bloviate' is listed in slang dictionaries as far back as the. Bloviate may be a back-formation from the noun bloviation this would fit with the us fashion in the early nineteenth century for expansive mock-latinate words like. Gilly how about bloviate there's a lot of that around definition of bloviate intransitive verb this was foges sentence that made me think of cnut:.

Bloviate in a sentence
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